The students absolutely love his games
Coach Mark has come to my school since 2005 to conduct his Mark At The Park fitness program for my 4th grade class. The students absolutely love his games, most of which they have never played before. He has complete control of my class, which is nice for me not to have to worry about their behavior. They are busy from beginning to end. He is certainly well worth having for a party and I continue to use him year after year. Thank you Coach Mark!
- Carmen Rivera, Lloyd Estates Elementary School Teacher

Coach Mark makes kids feel comfortable - to be part of what he is doing
We had the opportunity and fortune to be able to use "Mark At The Park" for both birthday parties and after school "Youth Fitness Program:. Coach Mark Logsdon first and foremost has a gift for making kids so comfortable with him that all children just want to be part of what he is doing! He has been able to show that fitness can be combined with having fun and the kids just love it and want to do more. My daughter is enjoying exercising because of Coach Mark and the program he has put together. I would highly recommend anything that Mark At The Park does.
- Janice Meissner - Parent of Indian Trace Elementary School student.

My son has become more aware of eating healthy
Coach Mark is a terrific physical education teacher. My son is in second grade and my daughter is in kindergarten. For both of them, it is a "good day" in school when they attended coach Mark's after school fitness program. Coach Mark will be running my kids' birthday party next weekend. My kids look up to Coach Mark and he encourages them to exercise and eat healthy. My son has become more aware of eating healthy foods and drinking water instead of juice because of Coach Mark. He plays sports and games with Coach Mark every day after school. It helps my son release his energy at the end of the day. He is much calmer and ready to sit down and do his homework after Coach Mark's program. One more thing... amazingly, Coach Mark remembers all the the kids names - even the younger siblings. He is GREAT.
- Kim Lehrman - Parent of Indian Trace Elementary School students.

After school program is a big success
We know your after school program is a big success, and has a huge impact. When our eight year old son missed a day of school with an illness his first question was "Do you think I can make up my missed Coach Mark At The Park day?" We have seen increased stamina and healthier eating habits. We salute you... and thank you.
- Todd and Aggie Morgenthal - Parent of Indian Trace Elementary School students.

We have had Mark At The Park Birthday Parties for years now.
They are the best parties around and the kids love Coach's fun outdoor sports activities. And, I love the fact that Coach Mark organizes everything so well. He even helps with set up and clean up!
- Pamela Jaccarino - Parent

My far the most fun
Coach Mark's sports birthday parties are by far the most fun and always requested by my kids, Max and Sam. The activities are imaginative and the kids are running from start to finish. If you want a fun, enjoyable and easy to manage party for both boys and girls, call Coach Mark!
- Karen Schwartz - Parent

Every year there are new and more exciting games!
Coach Mark has the greatest parties. My daughter Megan has had her birthday party with Coach Mark for the past five years. Before each party, you're thinking it could not get any better. To my surprise, every year there are exciting new games and activities. Megan starts telling me in July to book Coach Mark for her birthday party in November. Year after year Coach Mark runs the greatest party for my daughter and all her friends.
- Joy Lewis, Weston, FL - Parent

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